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[感恩节英语短信] 感恩节的短信

发布时间:2019-06-12 影响了:


I may not be you the most excellent staff, and you are my most revered leader!


You are my baby, you are my flower, thank you for helping me, thank you for your love.


Life between heaven and earth, heaven and earth that thou gavest them, and always keep a grateful heart is most precious.


The flowers nature, as a gift gift man, god will your friendship, as a gift with me.


Dear, thank you for your care for me, I in the later work, will be more efforts!


To take this opportunity, let us give strong support to all who are in the business development of friends, customers, thank you!


Gratitude is a kind of cultural quality, is a kind of ideology, is a kind of attitude to life, but also a social responsibility.


Bees sip honey from flowers and in thanks when they leave. Grandiose butterfly is sure that the flowers owe thanks to him.


The most precious gift you gave me - the sincere friendship, in the Milky Way of my life, like a bright star.


Let me how to thank you, when I come to you, I wanted to harvest a wisp of spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring!


Thank you for helping me, I wish you happiness, wish you peace and happiness, all the best, I don"t know what to say, in addition to thank you.


I"ve always wanted to thank you, thank you appear in my life. I"ve always wanted to tell you, tell you I love you.


I don"t know what to say, in addition to thank you. Thank so rather say, in a word, you are a best friend of my life!


Trivia breeze, the drizzle valentine, in the rain flower season, blooming out endless hope, wish your dreams come true.


Happiness is always too short, loneliness is always very long, I wanted to harvest a wisp of spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring, my dear, think you!


Dawn breaks in the morning, happiness around you; At noon the sun is shining, smile in your heart. Xishan evening sunset, happy with you one day.


Let"s use this opportunity to thank you for your support in the past precious, for your future orders, we will ensure to continue to take care all the more.


Give you too much trouble, really sorry! Give me the information intact back, behind added "also wish you happy".


Every day pass by your side, but there has been no go in to see you. Today, I finally decided to summon up courage, say to you: eldest brother, thank you!


I am very grateful, it all depends on you have every support and the deep affection, zai-shallow pits in this I sincerely hope that you and your company, achieve greater success.


Veteran you I thank month together, let me this life no longer lonely. Because I know: you are my favorite, and I"m your only!


Thank years make a boat, find here the desire of the sail. Your tender feeling is no flower, is the green branches, there are always new leaves after winter.


Scattered by the wind not care, the rain does not walk greetings, have gone forever greetings to you, sincerely wish you happiness forever in Thanksgiving.


I am grateful, grateful life, Thanksgiving network, grateful friends, Thanksgiving nature, every day, I have a heart moved to accept everything in life.


You life in my heart, although may not be able to keep sauvignon blanc, put you in the dream life, even if had ended, thank you for many years to my love.


Thank you sincerely thank all the colleagues, with a group of love life love work colleagues to grow up together, struggle together, work together, thank you.


Very happy that I spent with you every minute, hope can make you happy every night and day, remind of you of name feel very sweet, looking forward to with you goodbye!


So big on earth can and you meet, really not easy, thank god gave us the acquaintance happened of fate. Don"t forget, your world I have been to.


Dear leaders, because with your leadership, to enable us to work in conscientious, wuxi, thank you for your concern and help to me at ordinary times.


Theorem in the borrow and also saw the hope of strong, no violation, only grateful, when the favor of people think this is borrowed, and favor of people think that this is sent.


Dear leaders, because with your leadership, to enable us to conscientious, wuxi in the work. Meanwhile, I can only say to you: thank you!


Thank you ever loved me, thank you ever hate me, thank you for your ever scold me, thank you for once in my life, my life is wonderful because of you.


Gratitude is the foundation of love and good, although we cannot become a perfect man, but often with gratitude feelings, at least can let oneself live more beautiful, more rich.


In the formative years, had to accompany you laugh accompany you sorrow of friends, is a lifetime won"t forget, we wish each other cherish this friendship, be a forever friend.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you. You are not only a valuable member of this group, you are my dear friend. I can"t imagine live without you.


Your help is a nice surprise, let me grateful! Have no gorgeous language, no rhetoric words, but I thank you for you will not reduce a portion.


When we move some tools must be taken, such as happiness, happiness, health and other valuables. Some rags are must be thrown away: sad, upset, what!


Maybe you are sand, but fate is doomed to I am not the wind can blow away you, thank you very much for once in my life, you will be my this life only attachment!


Often miss you, forget your loving smile encouraged eyes, remember you earnestly teachings, engraved you meticulous care. My dear friends, clockwork SMS I wish you a happy day!


Give me life, give me a porridge, rice, give me endless love, my heart has infinite gratitude. Today, on this Thanksgiving; Also in every day, every moment!


Thanks for bilingual alumni and a alumni, thank you ever loved me and I love the people thank you, is you let me become more mature, more know the society, learn more about the human nature!


Because of the young, we dare to cry dare to laugh; Because young we challenge failure; Because of the young, we go together; Because of the young, we harvest. Thank you to accompany me along the way you!


Thank you to accompany me through a happy memorable day, and at the same time in my life left a good memory, hope in the later days, you will be happy, happy!


You are the most beautiful I"ve ever seen the leaves, let my forest fade for you; You are like a melody make my life more harmonious, I can only in a small voice to say thanks, small to only you can understand!




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